quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014

First try - March, 12nd

First of all, I'd like to say that I've been loving all of this three days. I've been enjoying the stay in the hotel, country mates, team members, teachers, polish cuisine, ladies that have keys of bedrooms, and everybody in general seems very nice and friendly. I've been so busy talking with people, hanging around, learning about android, learning about scrum, working on prototyping, lunching in canteen, dinning on a restaurant, sight seeing city, debugging code, helping debugging, that I feel that I'm already in Bydgoszcz for a week. Never I ever thought that the I on IP, really really meant Intensive.

So, because I'm late on this blog entry typing and I've read some other people's blog entry, I feel that I have to make something different. Instead of making some history log, I'll be sharing some stories that I think that shocked/amazed me the most.

Since we went from Lisbon to Warsaw, we took a train to come to Bydgoszvz. As we arrived at Bydgoszcz train station, and after five hours on planes and three hours on a train, our thoughts were about heading to hotel to get ready for the next days. We knew that there should be some taxi waiting for us having some card saying "PROMAND 2014". Time went by, and we couldn't successfully find any taxi with such card. After an sms sent, we were told that some grey mercedes taxi would come to get us in five minutes. Not even half of that time has passed and a taxi had come - but not all are great news. As we tried to talk with taxi driver, we discovered that we does not speak english (nor portuguese) and we just understand a word from him: PROMONT. 

Outside of taxi, our - let's say - dialog was like: 
-Taxi driver: *some polish words* PROMONT *some more polish words* PROMONT.
-Me: Where is the place we're going?
-Taxi driver: *some polish words* PROMONT *some more polish words* PROMONT.

In no time we found that this conversation had no use. So, we prefered to wait a little more, because, this taxi arrived "just too fast" other than five minutes told to us. After twenty minutes, we just got ourselves tired of waiting, and decided to try to talk once more. Fearlessly, me and Miguel just got in taxi and hoped that he would take us to the hotel, and everything would be okay. After some time, I could see taxi driver's smartphone having a message saying some polish words PROMONT. And figure that this could be just some misheard or mistyped word. Needless to say, we got to our destination. I was happy to get to hotel, and also, because there was some wi-fi.

On Monday, we had to have a presentation about Malware on mobile devices. Although I've made some presentations back in Porto in portuguese, I've never done a presentation in english. This was for me one of the biggest challenges so far on this IP - and I think that I went through it in a good way. Also my country mates did a great job helping me, praticing this presentation and everything went in such a good way.

Can't finish this blog entry without saying that I'm really enjoying the project that was gave to my team. Always loved google products, apps and mantra, and being able to have some work done for google developers group from Riga, means something special for me. Also, we've discussed about who's going to be the Scrum master on my team, and after some time, I thought about give it a shot. I'm coming out of my comfort zone. Hope that I could make it great.

Last but not the least, I hope that there is no problem having no image, since I just typed about thirty five hundred characters.

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