segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2014

IP PROMAND 2014 was awesome.

Thursday was our last production day. I knew my team was rushing to get all the things done for the last day. On thursday morning, our core funcionality was not working - not because of bugs, but due to not having a database developed. On our thursday's daily meeting I knew everybody really want to get some code ready for presentation. So, thursday was spent by making final design and database.

Friday was the final presentation and goodbye day.

I was not nervous. I knew that my presentation was not a presentation to sell a product, but to show what we have developed, how we have accomplished the features we were asked to do, and how joyful were this two weeks. So to say, I didn't care about selling this app. I thought that this was not the objective for this presentation - It ended up being a little boring, but had no time to make it funny. My project owner asked me for some stuff, we picked the features that could be done, we prototyped them, we developed them, and we presented them.
These were my thoughts before presentation. Maybe I was wrong. After the last presentation I really understood I wrong I was. Shame on me for letting my team and our application going like that on presentation.

After all presentations, only one thing stuck in my mind. Last presentation had some clever ideas that I really enjoyed: they shown their application on tablets, and release those tablets to everybody watching their presentation; some videos made for showing what the application was, what was it for; and gave an example of how a typical user would be like. Amazing, guys! I will try to implement some of those in future presentation.

I'd like to send a thank you to my roommates, Mesfin and Ruslanas for don't getting mad when coming to room late at night and maybe some snoring; also a big thank you for my team: Mihail, Ranek and Ruslanas. Mihail for being a very good java programmer and taught me about some cool shortcuts that I didn't know about - did you know that typing "sout" and pressing tab would show 'System.out.println();', at least on Android Studio?; Ruslanas for being the mac guy who gets some cool design done in half of the time as me doing some crappy stuff - for example, on social buttons that we(me and Ranek) spent about 40 minutes trying to have some good image buttons from google and Ruslanas just added some better image buttons in 10 minutes; Ranek for being patient with his computer and Android Studio and still managed to get some work done - I would have break my computer in two half if it didn't work after 5 reinstalls of Android Studio, Java and Gradle.

Last but not the least, also say thank you for portuguese companions as we have spent great time on travels and work breaks.

Our way back to Porto begun saturday at 9am. We had almost no problems, until we get to amsterdam. Our flight was canceled. Still, we managed to get a hotel and plan travel on next day. The hotel was called NH Schiphol and it was awesome: we ate some awesome pizzas with heineken beers; went to room with big and warm bed, tv playing some nice chilling sounds, controlled room temperature, bathtub big enough for my feet, free wifi with high speed connection... felt like a final reward after this two weeks working hard.

So, looks like everything is getting back to the usual week after week routine: eating some cookies with tea, waiting for bus, having classes, lunching with classmates, study... I'm missing polish breakfast, lunch and dinner, missing the river passing by when going for food, the always-funny mood, the cool weather, the people, the teachers... (hope I'm not forgetting anybody)... it was awesome.

On friday night, I couldn't avoid my feelings. Usually I don't like people this much, but... I don't know. Everybody was cool and awesome. And seeing you leaving and thinking about that we may never be all together again makes me sad. Pretty sad.

I hope I can see you soon.

Thank you.

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