quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014

Sunday is chilling day - March, 18th

Usually, I don't mind arriving late at places. But I don't like deliver things after deadline - hate it, in fact. I have to hurry up things, and I'm not as creative as if I have free time. And I think I will not write more characters than the previous entry. Damn!
Ok, getting back to story telling...
After saturday's very late blog entry, I got some 6 hours of sleep and woke up at 8AM on a sunday morning. We have learnt and coded a lot of android stuff on this first week of IP PROMAND, and on sunday we took more time to chill. Things were pretty cool. At first, we went to Exploseum, a museum made out of an old nazi explosives factory. Although I have some problems remember stuff I should know - like who's from Lithuania or Latvia or Estonia (my fault, I can't remember that. I'm sorry.), and therefore can't remember almost nothing guide told us. Although that, I've enjoyed this visit: I can remember about atomic bomb videos and how devastating they are - hope there will be no nuclear wars never; I can remember about guns - almost everybody was wearing guns and taking photos - it was so cool; I can remember about the final experiments that we were seeing a scientist (?) doing - Some juice with dry ice that looked like it was talking to us when we were drinking it, some volcano eruptions, cotton that is consumed instantly with fire, some amazing chemical reactions, and the last explosion of a water bottle, filled with some chemicals. Everybody was looking at that, and expecting it to explode at any time. We stood like a minute or more staring at this water bottle to explode. We were expecting that it was going to explode and kept staring. Then, Ignas thought about getting my attention to tell some funny stuff. I just looked at him to see what he had to say. In that three seconds I was looking to him, water bottle just exploded! I was expecting it for a minute, and the only thing I got from explosion was the sound it made. Thanks to technology, other students were recording this explosion in video, and I could just see it in no time. Still, my experience was not the same. Damn, Ignanounous!
After this visit to museum, we went to... *drum rolls* ...go-karts! Since I'm a male, my expectations were very high. I like speed, I like challenges, I like to compete. So, it was the best place for me. I have played trackmania when I was in highschool. My first thoughts when I was driving were that this is like trackmania; or, well, trackmania is like go-kart. Anyway, I've just drove for ten minutes, but enjoyed every second. Most of the time I was the first placed, but almost at the end, miguel did a better time than me. Also, I had a crash. I should have proceed with caution but no time to break in a curve, and kart just skid. Well, I did not finish first or in podium even. Some nineth place for me, I think. well, after this race, Valera just bought some kind of a pizza with mushrooms and everybody took some bites. The kindest guy of promand!
Also tuesday was the day to present about Portugal: our country, our cool weather, our food, and our wine. Hope that everybody enjoyed as I did. All presentations were great. Good and funny times we had with this cultural presentations.
This is the third blog entry and there is only on more blog entry to do, and I already feel sad that I will be leaving on Saturday morning. I want to stay forever with my team, developing and learning. Damn.

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